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If you are looking for window cleaning then you are in the right place.  At Dirty Marks Cleaning Services we provide window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and conservatory roof cleaning from our base in Dudley, West Midlands.  We provide window cleaning throughout the West Midlands but as part of Clean Team™ we are able to provide window cleaning companies throughout the UK.


One of the regions favourite window cleaning companies.


“The name ‘Dirty Marks’ refers to the dirty marks in the glass that we help to remove with our window cleaning services, not my reputation” says Mark Barlow a window cleaner with one of the regions favourite window cleaning companies.  “I set up Dirty Marks Cleaning services to provide quality window cleaning services as we found that other window cleaning companies were not providing great quality in terms of the clean or the customer services.  I found that the basics of offering customers a contact details, insurance and above all a reliable regular window cleaning service were not being offered by other window cleaning companies.  Nearly ten years on there are lots more window cleaning companies around but our experience and innovation has kept us at the forefront of window cleaning services for both commercial window cleaning and domestic window cleaning customers.”


For domestic homes we often have to make individual arrangements with the customer as some may have locked gates, garages, and some even need to make arrangements with neighbours, as some houses have windows that can only be accessed from a neighbours garden.  For others we hold keys to garages, this is covered by our insurance so if the keys are lost we can replace locks etc.  Fortunately  this has never happened!  In most cased though if the customers isn't going to be at home then we can phone or text them the evening before and text them from their home as soon as the clean is complete.


Most Businesses are different to domestic homes as there is usually someone on site.  We invoice businesses using the latest sage technology and ask someone on site to sign our customer satisfaction form.  The form can then be emailed to accompany the invoice.   Our window cleaning insurance also covers key holding for businesses.  Should a key get lost (and it never has…) then our insurance covers not just replacement locks but also loss of trade for the business.  Not something offered by all window cleaning companies.  Window cleaning insurance something that is overlooked by many businesses.  Some directors don’t realise that if their window cleaning company isn’t insured and there was a problem affecting a third party then it is the businesses own insurance that would be liable.  This could cause an increase in future premiums.  In addition to this the window cleaning company should be trained in risk assessment as their insurance may not be valid of they don’t abide by cleaning industry health and safety.  We provide a site specific risk assessment on request along with all window cleaning quotations.


Both domestic window cleaning customers and commercial window cleaning customers have the option to pay for the window cleaning service online.  This can be far more convenient particularly if you are not at home when we call.


We offer an 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not completely happy, you may contact us within 48 hours of your window clean and we will return to address your issues.



For more information or to request a quotation please get in touch by calling us on 0800 211 8069.






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window cleaning weather

You may have heard of the shipping forecast, well here is the window cleaning weather forecast for April 3rd 2017!  The temperature seems to be getting a little bit warmer and the sun seems to be shining more regularly than of late.  I have just had a quick look at temperatures for April and daily high temperatures should rise from 13C at the start of April to 16C at the end of April.  One one in ten days we may see temperatures above 21C and below 10C as a minimum.  So we can all look forward to it getting a bit warmer and now that the clocks have changed we are getting longer days as well.  Today (03/04/17) sun rise is at 6.45 and sunset is at 19.38.  As for window cleaning in

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What is Pure Water

Pure Water is tap water that has been filtered to remove any dissolved solids particles. Tap water is full of contaminates.  Contaminates would mean that we would not be able to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and drying marks. Water from the tap these days in not “Pure Water”, but is full of impurities some of which have been added by the water supplier like fluoride to look after your teeth. The level of these impurities vary but in the west midlands our tap water has about 250 parts per million. Tap water is filtered through a process called reverse osmosis and treated in a de-ionising tank to bring the TDS reading down from 250 parts per million to zero.  The water can now be used for window cleaning.  Problems associated with drying marks on the window include:

1) Filters have not been changed and the TDS reading is too high - We always check that the water that we use is of the best quality.

2) The window cleaner doesn't rinse the window - Like any tool if it's not used in the correct way then it may not achieve the required results.

Some window cleaners purchase equipment from the internet and don't know how to use it.  We were on of the first window cleaning businesses to use this system and we were trained direct by the manufacturer on how to use the equipment correctly.



Do you do conservatory roof cleaning?

The simple answer is YES, and the results can be brilliant!  Many people ask us, how much is conservatory roof cleaning?  Conservatory roof cleaning starts at £40.00 however we would need to see the roof first before we could give you an accurate quote.  There are many different types of conservatory roof and there may be just as many physical obstacles in the location of the conservatory roof that we need to overcome to ensure that the roof is up to our high standard.  Have a look at our conservatory roof page by following the link to external cleaning at the top of this page.  Here you will also be able to see examples of our work.

Do you do Gutter, Fascias and Soffit Cleaning?

Again, Yes!  Many white PVC gutters can be restored back to like new. When we take on Gutter Cleaning we automatically quote for the fascias and soffits as well.  Again the question how much does gutter cleaning cost can vary but to give you an idea, to clean a gutter fascia and soffit on the front on a three bedroom semi detached house would be about £20 per length.  So if you have the same on the back the total price would be £40.  We always like to look at the job first before we quote as we have had many situations where people have forgotten that they have extensions and other obstacles.  We can usually get round this and there aren't many that are beyond our reach.  You can find more information by following the external cleaning link at the top of this page.

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