Dirty Marks Cleaning Services - About Us



Mark Barlow Dirty Marks Cleaning Services

Dirty Marks Cleaning Services was set up in 2008 after my own frustration in trying to find a reliable window cleaner who provided a regular service, was insured and who provided a contact telephone number and name.


As a former Police Officer I remember returning home from work one day to find my neighbour a man in his 70's, knocking at my door concerned that his ladder had been stolen by the window cleaner.  


The window cleaner had said that his own ladder had been stolen and that was why he needed to borrow the ladder.  As it turns out the window cleaner returned the ladder later that day and we later found that he had used this excuse many times before with other neighbours as the window cleaner didn't have his own ladder and used to travel around by bus!  


This got me thinking that there was a gap in the market for a window cleaning service that not only had its own equipment, but also:



  • Provided a website and contact telephone number (intact I thought that a freephone 0800 phone number would be great).  


  • A window cleaning service that had great insurance.  


  • I thought that the window cleaner should also  wear uniform or at least logo t'shirts.


I came up with a great name, Dirty Marks Cleaning Services and the rest is history.  Many other window cleaners now also provide a great service.  We know that leading the way is why we have been in business now for 13 years!