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window cleaner near me


The best part of using a window cleaner in your local area is that he (or she) is likely to know your style of house and able to quote you over the phone.  Even if the window cleaner doesn't currently have customers in your road, then it i

window cleaning weather

You may have heard of the shipping forecast, well here is the window cleaning weather forecast for April 3rd 2017!  The temperature seems to be getting a little bit warmer and the sun seems to be shining more regularly than of late.  I have just had a quick look at temperatures for April and daily high temperatures should rise from 13C at the start of April to 16C at the end of April.  One one in ten days we may see temperatures above 21C and below 10C as a minimum.  So we can all look forward to it getting a bit warmer and now that the clocks have changed we are getting longer days as well.  Today (03/04/17) sun rise is at 6.45 and sunset is at 19.38.  As for window cleaning in

shop window cleaning

Shop Window Cleaning

A great sign of the quality and attention to detail of an business is shown in the commitment to having the shop windows cleaned.  This attention to detail is not overlooked by our customer Cousins (pictured above) who employ us for shop window cleaning at their stores and head office inside and out on a monthly basis.  But unlike Cousins their are may other stores that spend lots of money on advertising the store and then when customers arrive the first thing that they see are dirty windows.  This makes no sense at all considering the time and money that goes into window displays at most shops. 

Also over looked by many

Why do window cleaners miss out windows?

One of the most regular reports that we hear about bad window cleaners is that they missed out windows that should be cleaned and still charged the same amount.  So why do window cleaners do this knowing that if the customer discovers what they have done then they will stop them cleaning the windows in future and they will miss out on the customer as well as causing damage to their own reputation.  So why do window cleaners miss out windows?  There are two main reasons for this.