What Neutralizes Dog Urine On Carpet


What Neutralizes Dog Urine On Carpet

You can neutralise for urine on carpet with cold water.  Adding cold water dilutes the urine and can then be soaked up with kitchen towel.  For better result you can follow the same procedure but extract the cold water with a carpet cleaning machine.

There are a few products

shampooing carpets ruin them

Does shampooing carpets ruin them?

There are many different methods of shampooing carpets. Many people ask if shampooing carpets can ruin them.  The simple answer is


move furniture for carpet cleaning 

Do carpet cleaning companies move furniture?

As with all privately owned businesses whether or not they are willing to move furniture is a choice all carpet cleaning companies have.  At Dirty Marks Cleaning we



Quickest way to dry carpet after cleaning

Many people have asked what is the quickest way to dry carpet after cleaning? When we clean a carpet we employ a couple of techniques so that you aren’t left with this problem, however I have listed eight useful ideas below that may help if you want to speed up the process of drying your carpet.