After Builders Clean for windows





If you are looking for an after builders clean for your windows then this article may help you to understand what an after builders clean involves and how you may be able to improve the final window clean by taking extra care during the building project.


What is an after builders clean for windows


After the builders have left following an extension, refurb, building project or even new build.  You will need to consider cleaning the windows to remove what the builders may have left behind.  This can include paint, mortar, sticky labels on new glass, foam pads designed to protect the glass, dust and a host of other things that need to be cleaned off the windows after the builders have left.


How much does an after builder clean cost?


A question that many people ask is how much does an after builders clean costand the answer is dependent very much on time.  So much so that if we are not able to give you an accurate price then we can give you the option of paying us by the hour.


Reduce the cost of after builders clean


We often suggest to builders that there are ways of reducing the cost of a builders clean.  The first is prevention.  If you can spend a short amount of time covering up the windows then this can give a serious reduction in the window clean after building work has ended.  The second consideration is for the builders to use the labourer to do the initial scraping and jet wash the windows.  Then when the professional window cleaner arrives to complete the after builders window clean his time is reduced and subsequently so is the cost.



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