Are Traditional Glass Verandas back in Fashion?

traditional glass verandas

For many years people have been purchasing houses with traditional glass verandas most built in the late 60's and 70's, and the first thing that they have done is to demolish them.  They may have been in fashion in the 1960's and 1970's, but are they back in fashion.  Many of the home television programmes talk about keeping original features in your new house but would you consider rebuilding the traditional glass veranda.  It would certainly be a cheaper option than constructing a conservatory or having a orangery built.  It may even be less hassle with the local planning department.  

Many features of older houses often come back into fashion.  It is true to say that the idea the originally caused someone to come up with the idea of building traditional glass verandas in the first place must in some way still be true today.  In fact now days some may say that we embrace the outdoors more than we did thirty years ago.

So what about repairing current traditional glass verandas that may still be standing at your home.  Well, most are timber framed and if they haven't been well maintained then repair may be more time consuming and costly than demolition and starting again.  Further more if you want your veranda to be hard wood but you have a soft wood painted veranda then demolition must be your only option.  Traditional glass verandas must be well maintained and this means constant painting are wood preservation.  This is where the modern UPVC conservatory wins hands down.  You can use a window cleaning company such as Dirty Marks Cleaning services to ensure that you always have a clean conservatory.

This doesn't change the fact that traditional glass verandas could come back into fashion, after all.  Who ever considered the sensible when following fashion?