Conservatory Renovation Clean

Most conservatory renovation projects should start with cleaning your conservatory.  White UPVC conservatories can over time become green from algae and dirty from water splashing back from the ground and from spiders and other insects.  The results from having a conservatory renovation clean from a professional cleaning company can be quite surprising.  Many of our customers say that they feel that their conservatory is as good as new. 

renovation of conservatory cleaned by Dirty Marks Cleaning Services

Of course there is no secret to cleaning a conservatory and

great results can be achieved by cleaning your own conservatory yourself.  However due to the number of conservatories that we have cleaned over the years we can usually clean the conservatory quicker, safer and achieve better results than a DIY enthusiast.  This is something that you would expect from most professionals in their specialist field. 

Our conservatory renovation clean starts with a pre wash.  The most difficult part of the conservatory to renovate is what we call the ‘crest’ or the ‘crown’.  This is the decorative white plastic shields along the top of the conservatory roof.  We then pre wash the glass or PVC panels that make up the roof an pre wash the bars in between the glass or PVC.  Next we rinse the roof and begin to pre wash the sides is the conservatory.  This includes cleaning the guttering around the conservatory.  Whilst we don’t promote gleaning out the guttering on the conservatory as part of the clean, its common sense that if whilst on the ladder we see that the gutter is blocked with leaves etc then we will remove them at no extra charge.  In addition to this we don’t offer repair but we do try to replace any existing end caps that may have fallen into the guttering back to the correct position. 

When we wash the sides as part of a conservatory renovation clean we remove as much of the green algae from the beads that hold in the glass or decorate beads as possible.  In fact it is our mission that all green should be removed as part of a conservatory renovation. 

Once all of the conservatory has been rinsed we then change brushes and go back over the conservatory washing away with the second brush anything that may have been missed with the first brush.  The conservatory is left wet with our special filtered water so that when it drys it will be completely clear and drying mark free.

Our favourite weather to perform a conservatory renovation clean is rain!  We will all admit that we don’t like to get wet, however the rain helps soften the green algae and also help to rinse off the conservatory following the wash. 

Conservatory cleaning Wolverhampton

We provide conservatory cleaning in Wolverhampton, Dudley and the Black Country, Kidderminster and Birmingham.  We will always come out to quote you first so you will always know exactly what you will be paying for your conservatory cleaning project.  We will then arrange a day to perform the clean.  If you live outside the Wolverhampton Dudley and surrounding areas, or if it is more convenient we can often quote from pictures and other information, meaning that we may not need to visit you prior to the cleaning date.  This is also a service that we offer to customers requiring conservatory cleaning in the Wolverhampton and Dudley areas and can be particularly useful if you are our during the day time when we usually call to quote.


Conservatory before it was cleaned in Wolverhampton area

Conservatory Cleaning - Case study

Request - To clean a conservatory covered in Green Algae.

Area - Wolverhampton and Dudley area

Price - The price of cleaning  the conservatory for this customer was £70.00  The cost of not cleaning the conservatory could have been a lot more!

We visited the home of ‘Clare’ whilst she was at work and had a look at the conservatory.  We quoted Clare via mobile phone text message so that she had a record of the price of cleaning the conservatory.  She was happy with the price and instructed us to go ahead.  We arranged by telephone a date when we would clean the conservatory and she left the gate open for access on this date.  We attended the address and washed the conservatory on the date arranged.  Again clare was at work when we performed the clean.  Having finished the clean we then sent Clare several picture messages of the conservatory to show that the work was complete.  Clare later said “Thank u very much love it, great job mark.”  I think that means that she was pleased!

Conservatory Washed in Wolverhampton by Dirty Marks Cleaning Services

If you would like more information on having your conservatory cleaned then please visit our conservatory roof cleaning page or call us free on 0800 211 8069.