Water Fed Pole Tap or Exceed Univalve

Here is our review of the exceed univalve.  This is an alternative to a water fed pole tap.  The main issue with the traditional water fed pole tap is reliability.  In fact my local window cleaning suppliers say that if you purchase a traditional water fed pole tap, that the minute that you leave the shop the warranty is void (I am not too sure how legal this is in the UK?)  However with the univalve from Exceed there is a twelve month warranty.

Water Fed Pole Tap | Exceed Univalve Picture

Is the Exceed univalve worth buying?

There are many upsides

to the Exceed Univalve.  For window cleaners time is money and anything that can increase the reliability of equipment so that lost time is down to a minimum, or any device that saves time is worth investing in.  The exceed univalve is no exception to this rule.  I purchased the Univalve not sure if the £30.00 that I was charged for this new device would offer a return worthy of the purchase price. However whilst yes its faster to turn on and off, I would argue that the reliability of the univalve it what wins the day.  In a world where many designs are over complicated and unreliable the univalve from exceed innovations just works. 

There aren't really any downsides to this produce but depending on your attitude there is one characteristic of the univalve that has made me laugh out loud on at least two occasions in the few week that I have owned one.  At least twice I have got my hose stuck on various obstacles such as car tires etc.  This can be annoying and something that all window cleaners get used to.  But my new mate the univalve takes the piss on these occasions and due to the tug on the hose, the univalve sees fit to turn its self on and squirt you with water!

Would I buy one?

Well clearly yes I have.  If the question was 'would I buy another univalve in the future' or would you reccommend the univalve as an alternative to the traditional water fed pole tap then the answer is yes.  You should get one. You wont be disappointed.