Wfp Window Cleaning

With current Health & Security regulations getting harder, combined with the ever-increasing expense of Insurance coverage, increasingly more window cleaners are turning to wfp window cleaning (Water fed pole).

At first sight they

appear to respond to everyone's problems, however it is not unusual to deal with some issues and aggravation throughout the initial stages of usage. The wfp window cleaning system is not a magic wand there is a learning curve to obtain good outcomes.

Given that most window cleaners change over to wfp window cleaning at the turn of the Century the market has grown from a couple of suppliers to, well, several suppliers. As with choosing any unknown, it is constantly a good idea talk to pleased clients, (window cleaners) and get recommendations. See the systems in action. Doing your research, will pay off in the long run. Numerous systems are now modular and can be developed as your work grows.

If you prepare to alter over all your jobs to wfp window cleaning it may be best to progressively present it to a few and increase the number as your confidence and ability grows. In this method the issues that might occur can be quickly handled and tackled.

Proper scrubbing and rinsing strategies are a must, as with all cleaning, dirt has to be loosened up then gotten rid of; just now the weight of the water is doing the elimination instead of a squeegee blade. If the result is bad after drying, aim to figure out why. Distilled water doesn't area, so something else must have triggered the poor outcome, the frame, the seal, the brickwork or something from above? Maybe you didn't rinse enough? And so on.

When utilizing wfp window cleaning systems, attempt to work out a great, systematic, proficient technique. With brand-new hires or aid, start them off with the lower poles and construct up ability before using the longer, typically heavier poles. If you've been great with a squeegee on a pole you must take to this rather quickly as it is the very same sort of mastery.

The poles can be used in a range of ways, often just restricted by the imagination. There will constantly be a place for the squeegee and in some cases it will be the better or requested alternative, however the poles are simply so damn beneficial!

Competition has had the effect of making the poles more popular. Customers are now conscious of exactly what they are. When we first started it seemed like we had to describe the system on every window, to the sound of "Call yourself a Window Cleaner ?!!" I remember thinking "Have we done the ideal thing?".

Keep your poles working in good condition. When parts use, change don't bodge. The quick release clamps on some poles will use relatively rapidly due to the amount of use they get however are simple to replace. The pole sections will wear also ultimately requiring replacement. If an area snaps due to a fall it can be reduced with a saw, filed off and re-drilled to accept the clamp once again. Over tightening the bolt on these clamps using tools can lead to the clamp locating hole widening and the pole breaking down or the section falling off at height, so better to replace a warn clamp than have actually a pole come apart at height and cause injury or home damage.

Use extension hoses if needed or move the car to a better point of access as you work. Working in areas is typically better than continually moving pipes. If throughout your threat evaluation you decide that losing control of a tall pole and dropping it on the traffic is most likely, consider using to the Council to close the roadway or at least a lane of traffic.

Wfp is a maintenance tool which works best as far apart as six regular monthly periods but outcomes here will not be as great as a regular monthly clean. So if you encounter issues that are too, time consuming tell this to the customer, or charge more as you may have to clean them more than when to get a good result. Any longer in between sees and you might need to do frames first then clean the glass when dry, just like a preliminary clean, to get acceptable results, which is two times as much work and ought to be charged accordingly. See links page for suppliers.

Exactly what are you waiting for? Get out there and tidy up, and above all, remain safe...