Gutter Cleaning Rates

Sometimes sales people refer to the cost being different to the price.  This may be part of a sales pitch, however when looking at gutter cleaning rates, the price really can be different to the cost.  The price is the actual rate that you pay for gutter cleaning, the cost is the amount of money that you may have to part with if you fail to maintain your gutters by not cleaning them out and allowing debris from leaves etc to mount up in the gutter.  Why?  Because the gutters are there to allow water to be carried away safely from the roof and many know the cost

of water damage to a property.  If you avoid cleaning your gutters water may mount up and overflow out to the front of the guttering.  This means that water will fall to the ground and often splash back and cause a damp problem on the outside wall.  Should the water overflow out the the building side then water may get into the building and cause internal damage.  The best way to avoid any of these problems is to have your gutters cleaned out at least once per year.  This can be done in a couple of different ways.  You can get up on a ladder and using a small trowel you can physically remove and debris from the gutter by hand.  There are a couple of  problems with this method.  First should you rest your ladder against PVC guttering then you may risk causing damage to the guttering or to the joints in the guttering.  This could cause a leak and result in damp on the wall below the guttering either way this could result in additional cost.  Should you rest your ladder below the gutter then there is a safety problem as you would need to lean out on the ladder to enable you to access the inside of the guttering.  The second problem is for gutters that are beyond a lower level roof like a porch for example.  The roof may seem like a convenient way of accessing the guttering however should you damage a tile then this would need to be replaced, again at cost. 
The best option is to employ someone with a gutter vac.  The associated rates associated with this are listed below, however it would cost less than the potential damage as listed above.  A gutter vac is simply a large wet and dry vacuum with a long pole that can access the gutter from a distance.  A mirror or CCTV camera is used to see the results.  This method is far easier and as a result can cot far less both in the long run, and in the rate that you will pay of the gutter cleaning service its self.

What ever method you choose to use and like most home maintenance jobs you will save money by paying the rate for gutter cleaning against the cost of not having the gutters cleaned.

Here are the typical rates for gutter cleaning.
One length of guttering on a typical semi detached home would be about £25.00. So the rate for the front and back added together should be about £50, however most cleaners will lower their rates if you are having both cleaned at the same time by about 10%.  These rates may be further discounted if cleaning further gutters for example if you have a low level guttering around a porch and garage then the typical rate may be about £60 to £70 in total.  The best way to get accurate rates for gutter cleaning is to invite the cleaner out to give you a written quotation. 

At dirty Marks Cleaning Services we are always happy to quote on any gutter cleaning work.  Please call us on our free phone number 0800 211 8069 if you would like to discuss out gutter cleaning rates further or visit our exterior cleaning page