White PVC Cladding Cleaning

Today I visited a house in Dudley where I was asked to clean up the white upvc cladding.  The owner of the house ‘Colin’ was chuffed with the results.  I also cleaned all of his windows.  The windows hadn’t been touched in ages so I needed to remove all of the green that had build up over the years.  

Don’t I know you from somewhere?
Colin said to me when I arrived….

”I am sure that I know you from somewhere?”  We went through a list of places that we may have met in the past.  He still couldn’t remember so he went inside whilst I finished the clean.  When Colin came back outside he said… “I’ve got it not… we havn't me before It just that you look like someone famous.”  I get this a lot having grey hair, most people think of George Clooney!  “I know who is is” said Colin….”Geoffrey Holland… from Hi-de-hi!  Great I thought.  coincidentally though when I just searched on google It turns out that he comes from Walsall like me.  The sad part is that he is 70 and I am 41!  He must have meant Geoffrey Holland as he looked back in the day.  Anyway I have put a picture on this blog so you can compare it to the picture on my ‘about us’ page should you feel the need to.