What do window cleaners do in the rain?

window cleaning in the rain

Updated 20/03/2017 |  Answer...Clean Windows and get wet!  Today started very wet indeed although a promise to a customer that wanted their gutters cleaning meant that it was time to put on the waterproofs and get wet.  Cleaning gutters in the rain is actually a good idea as it means that the rain has already done the pre-wash for you and also helps rinse of after you have loosened the dirty with your brush. So what about window cleaning in the rain?  Well the

water that window cleaners use is very very close to rain water.  Some window cleaners harvest rain water and use it to clean windows.  Some people think that rain makes the windows dirty, but infact this is usually due to one of two reasons.

1) There may be particles in the air and on a very windy day these particles can be blown onto and stick to the glass.

2) The windows may already be dirty or dusty and as the water hits the glass and mixes with the dirt/dust it looks like dirty water stains.

The proof of this is the experiment that we have all done at school at some point or another where you boil water causing it to evaporate and as the water condensates it is clean.  The experiment is often show as a way of separate water from salt or sand.


The only draw back of cleaning in the rain is that the poor old window cleaner gets very wet. The only way to deal with this is to give the window cleaner a nice cup of tea.