Taking Pride in a Job.

window cleaning at Ednam Road Dudley

Updated 22/03/2017 | In the picture above this article is windows the we cleaned at Ednam Court on St. James Road in Dudley.  This used to be Dudley Council Offices and was sold to the current owner who has done a lovely job of turning the offices into apartments.  The current owner asked us to clean all of the windows on the whole site.  What impressed me most is that most of the apartments are already rented out!  So the owner couldn’t have been trying to impress just to get the apartments rented out.  The only conclusion

(to the credit of the owner) is that having spent lots of time and I am sure money on this development, that the owner wanted to finish the job properly.  This indicates to me a great landlord who takes pride in the development.  After all… how can any landlord expect his tenants to look after their property if they don’t take pride themselves.  Well done and we hope that the development is a great success.