My New Window Cleaning Pole is Bigger and Better


When window cleaning, part of providing a great service to to get the window clean completed a quickly as possible whilst maintaining a high standard.  This means that we are always on the look out for ways to speed things up that don’t relate directly to the actual clean.  One way that we have found that we can speed up, particularly of three story buildings is to save having to change poles.  On three story window cleans we used to use a long heavy pole for the top floor.  Then we would have to pack away the long pole and get out the shorter pole.  This all takes time.  So why don’t window cleaners just use the extra long pole to clean the windows on the lower floors?  They are telescopic after all?  We the extra long poles that we use are heavy and can be a little bit clumsy on lower floors.  So what is the answer?  Just by purchasing a new short pole that is just seven feet longer we can now reach top floors on three story buildings whilst the pole is still light in weight and has the same closed size.  We still carry the extra long pole from time to time as some old buildings are higher than new buildings and of course we need the extra long pole to reach higher still.  But on the average new style house or office we can save about five minutes per visit.  This may not seem like a great amount of time but coupled with other time saving initiatives we are now much faster than we used to be.  This means less inconvenience to our customers.  So in conclusion it would seem that size really does matter!