Why do window cleaners miss out windows?

One of the most regular reports that we hear about bad window cleaners is that they missed out windows that should be cleaned and still charged the same amount.  So why do window cleaners do this knowing that if the customer discovers what they have done then they will stop them cleaning the windows in future and they will miss out on the customer as well as causing damage to their own reputation.  So why do window cleaners miss out windows?  There are two main reasons for this. 

1) The window cleaner hasn’t quoted the correct amount for the window clean either to make sure that they beat any competition and win the job, deliberately with the intention of not doing the job properly or by making a mistake with the quote and instead of telling the customer of their mistake and re quoting the job at the correct price they cut corners to bring the job in line with the quote.

2)  The window cleaner doesn’t work systematically and as a result  may accidentally miss out parts of the job.

At Dirty Marks Cleaning Services, should we quote too low we would always honour the price and do the job as described to the customer.  We would then tell the customer that we had mad an error and that we would need to re quote if they wanted the job doing again in the future. 

We always work systematically.  If you are an existing customer you may notice that we always clean your windows in the exact same order each visit.  This eliminates the chances of missing out parts of the job accidentally.  Should we ever miss out a window we will always compensate you for our error by offering you a free clean.  Fortunately this has never had to be offered.