shop window cleaning

Shop Window Cleaning

A great sign of the quality and attention to detail of an business is shown in the commitment to having the shop windows cleaned.  This attention to detail is not overlooked by our customer Cousins (pictured above) who employ us for shop window cleaning at their stores and head office inside and out on a monthly basis.  But unlike Cousins their are may other stores that spend lots of money on advertising the store and then when customers arrive the first thing that they see are dirty windows.  This makes no sense at all considering the time and money that goes into window displays at most shops. 

Also over looked by many

shops is shop sign cleaning.  Particularly high street shops that have a local window cleaner who may have been cleaning the windows on the High Street for many years from a ladder and only cleans the windows only.  For these shops we are happy to clean just the sign and let their regular window cleaner continue with the job that they have been doing for years.  If you would like a quote on having your shop windows cleaned, or if you would like an occasional clean of your shop sign then please call us on 0800 211 8069.