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Carpet cleaning in Dudley

At Dirty Marks Cleaning Services we have been carpet cleaning in Dudley for over eight years. Our carpet cleaning clients have always been impressed with the results many clients have used us on more than one occasion.

Carpet cleaning benefits

Carpets are expensive and like most other expensive items, in the long run, it pays to look after them with periodic cleaning.

When is the best time to clean my carpet

Some of our clients ask us to clean carpets following a problem like a spillage, others just like to stay on top of the gradual build up of dirt over a period of time. We are particularly busy prior to Events like Christmas when clients like to have a good clean up to impress visitors.  Others ask us to attend after Christmas to help clean up after the flow of visitors and potential visitors.

How do you clean my carpet

We use a wet machine and chemical to clean your carpets. The machine sprays the water and chemical onto your carpet.  The machine then sucks the water and chemical back out of your carpet. We then often go back over the carpet to further dry the carpet to reduce drying time.

What equipment do you use

We use a Karcher carpet cleaning machine as pictured on this page.

What solution do you use

To achieve the best results we always use the original Karcher chemical as recommended by the manufacturer, in partnership with the Karcher machine.

Do you clean rugs

We clean most types of rugs. We can do this in your home at the same time as we clean your carpet. We also can collect your rug and return it clean if this is more convenient for you.

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Do you need the room to be empty

Obviously it is always easier if the room is empty. Meanwhile back in the real world we know the this isn’t always an option. We are happy to move sofas, nests of tables and so on. Televisions can be tricky due to cables. If you would like us to move any items then we would always ask that you remove ornaments to avoid breakages. As unusual as it may be in the modern world, we do try to employ common sense and discussed options with you the client. We will always be as helpful as possible.

How long does it take to clean the carpet

He clean its self doesn’t take too long. It often takes as long to set up and pack away our equipment as it does to do the clean of one room. For this reason we can often offer a better deal on further rooms if they can be cleaned during the same visit.

How long will it take to dry for my carpet to dry

This often depends on the room temperature, however we would generally say between a couple of hours and over night. The carpet is only left damp as opposed to wet so is you were wearing slippers instead of socks you probably wouldn’t notice.

Will the clean remove all stains?

Our clean will remove most stains but we would never guarantee to be able to remove all stains or marks caused by ware.  If this were possible then nobody would ever need to buy a new carpet ever again.

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Are you insured for carpet cleaning

The simple answer is yes. All of our cleaning is covered by our two million pounds liability cover insurance. This covers for injury, damage and damage to the actual carpet that we are cleaning. Not all insurance covers the carpet that is being cleaned so if you choose another cleaning company (and why would you?) this is something that you should check.

Do you cover any other areas other than Dudley.

We clean carpets in Dudley, Stourbridge, Halesowen, Oldbury and surrounding areas. If you are unsure if we cover your area then please contact us.


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Bill - Gornal
We used Dirty Marks Cleaning To clean our living room carpet having had a litter of puppies that had a few accidents. The carpet came up like new.

Andrew - Six Ashes
Living in the countryside and following a fairly hard winter our hall carpet had suffered. Mark brought the carpet back to life. We now have a no shoe policy

Helen -Stourbridge
My husband had promised to hire a machine several times but never got round to it. I called Dirty Marks Cleaning Services. I found that for one carpet it was cheaper to have Mark clean the carpet, than it was to hire the machine and purchase the solution.  This was because the solution came in a minimum one litre size bottle. My husband was please as well.

Chris - Halesowen
We have Dirty Marks Cleaning Services clean our downstairs carpets every year just before the family invade us for Christmas. I am always pleased with the results.  Very friendly as well.

Debbie - Oldbury
I have a rental property between Oldbury and Dudley.  My last tenants left the hall, stairs and landing carpet in a bit of a mess. Dirty Marks Cleaning Services cleaned the carpet and provided me with an invoice so that I could withhold the fee from the tenants deposit. Thanks guys.