Gutter Soffit and Fascia Cleaning in The Dudley Area - Testimonials,  Methods & Prices Guide


 If you live in Dudley and you are looking for Gutter Fascia and Soffit cleaning then we can help.  


We clean Gutter, Fascias and Soffits.  White gutters, fascias and soffits cause green algae, spider webs and general dirt to really stand out.  But don't just take our word for it.  Click on the video below to hear from Graham who lives just outside Dudley.



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6 Areas Cleaned

  • The Outside Of The Guttering
  • The Left Side Of The Retaining Clip
  • The Right Side Of The Retaining Clip
  • The Fascia
  • The Soffit
  • The Inside Of the Gutter (This is a separate Job Please See  cleaning out debris from guttering below)



So, how do we clean the gutters to make them look so good?

When we clean we first pre wash the face of the guttering fascias and soffits, Next we clean the front face of the gutter, then the under face of the gutter. Next we clean all of the white plastic brackets that hold the guttering in place on both sides of the bracket (left and right) and on the front face of the bracket.


Once the gutter is clean we then get up as far as we can on the fascia behind the gutter.  We clean the whole fascia and then move onto the soffits.  Whilst cleaning the soffits we clean any vents where lots of dirt tends to gather, this is because the vent acts like a chimney  


Finally we clean everything again only this time using the filtered water from our vans. To finish the job we sweep over the whole of the gutter fascia and soffit with a dry brush to prevent any water particles drying on the white PVC .  


We also clean the drain down pipes from your guttering removing any green from the joints.  These can get quite dirty particularly where green algae can build up from water sitting on the joints and from the sun.



Even though we are based in Dudley, we clean gutters all over the West Midlands and even South Staffordshire.  We also provide a gutter vac service where we clean debris from inside the gutter.  If this interests you then please click on the link at the top of this page.


Gutter and Fascia Cleaning Prices

Our prices are based on a section of guttering.  Show below are counted as one section each:-


If the section has a joint in to then it is still one section



We DO NOT count tiny sections like this...


However you may count half sections these will be added together and rounded DOWN.  ie five and a half sections would be 4 sections.  We also clean down pipes free of charge.


Prices for Gutter fascia and soffit cleaning in the Dudley area are as follows:

Per Section (each section is the gap between two clips apron 1m) 


Each section includes the Gutter, Fascia and Soffit.


Section 2 Story House 3 Story House
5 or more £8 per section £9 per section
10 or more £7 per section £8 per section
15 or more £6 per section £7 per section
20 or more £5 per section £6 per section


This is the total price for all sections ie a 2 story semi with 10 sections would be £70.00 total 


 The average price for fascia and soffit cleaning up to the eves at the side of a property is £15.00 per side.  Remember that if you have a semi detached house then there will only be one side.

 If you need help with the pricing of the price of Gutter fasias and soffit cleaning then please call us on 01384 660069


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How often should gutters be cleaned?

A) The outside of gutters when cleaned should last a couple of years before they are back to the state that they were at prior to us cleaning them.  You can however see this just by looking. Gutters, fascias and soffits are very expensive to replace (often they cost more than a new central heating boiler!) and we think that they are worth looking after.  So we advise once per year to stay on top of them.


Q)  How can I clean my gutters without a ladder?

A)  Ask a professional to do the Clean.  It is far safer and will often result in a better clean.  A professional will also be insured in case of damage of surrounding items.


Q) What do you use to clean the gutters?

A) We use the same brushes that we use to clean your windows.  We don't use high pressure jets for cleaning gutters. See video below.,



Q) Will it make much mess?

A) No.  It may make the windows a little dirty but we can clean them for you if required at a discount.


Q) How long does it take to clean my gutters, fascias and soffits?

A) For a length of 5 sections the the back and 5 sections at the front it would take about an hour.






Cleaning out Debris from guttering

Guttering Cleaning with Vac from the ground 

The best way to clean out Guttering is to have the debris cleaned out with a gutter vac, sometimes called a sky vac.  This means that the cleaner can stand safely on the ground and vacuum the debris out of the guttering.  This debris may be moss leaves, grass of items left behind by birds such as twigs.  A mixture of dust and water can also create a sludge that may prevent water from the roof flowing correctly.



Gutter Cleaning Services


We provide gutter cleaning services to remove all debris from your guttering.  If you allow the debris to mount up then not only will grass start to grow in the guttering and look unsightly, but far worse you may experience a leak and this may go inside the building.  Should this happen you may find that many insurance companies wont cover the cost of repair as they can claim that this is due to lack of maintenance.  The price for Gutter cleaning is very low by comparison to the cost or repairs.  Some gutters can be cleaned our from as little as £60.00.  Please get in touch for a quote.