Window Cleaning


We provide domestic and commercial window cleaning in Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Oldbury, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley.

We provide all types of window cleaning from domestic homes to shops and businesses, we even clean church windows form time to time!

If you have UPVC or metal frame or well treated timber windows, our clean starts from the top of the frame to the bottom of the sill.  We even clean your front doon regardless of if it has glass or not.

We call as regular as you want us to and can even phone or text you to let you know that we are on our way.

As a franchise business, our window cleaners are self employed and ‘own’ theire area.  This way we can be sure that they have a keen interest in providing a quality service.  They are all trained by Dirty Marks Cleaning Services and the franchisee’s share our services such as this website to keep the prices we change low.

Payments can be made in cash, cheque or by bank transfer.


Water fed pole window cleaning


Here you will find everything that you need to know about water fed pole window cleaning.  Dirty Marks Cleaning Services were one of the first window cleaning services to use the water fed pole window cleaning system.  Our first system was a troly system purchased from Pure Freedom.  We traveled from the West Midlands to Grimsby to be shown by the manufacturer how to use the system correctly.  Many window cleaners purchased systems from internet auction websites like eBay and subsequently didn't know how to use the equipment correctly.  This initially gave the system a bad name as window cleaners using water fed pole window cleaning systems were leaving drying marks on the glass.  We have since moved away from the trolly system and now each of our vehicles use a van mounted system.


water fed pole window cleaning


Educating customers

We initially found that because of the uncertainty of the water fed pole window cleaning system and the bad reputation caused by window cleaners that didn't know how to use the water fed pole window cleaning system, that customers needed reassurance.  We achieved this by educating the customers about the system and explaining the reasons why some window cleaners left drying marks.  We backed this up with our clean guarantee, that is that if there were any drying marks left following a clean, then we would return and clean the windows again for free.  This guarantee still stands today.


Why do some window cleaners leave white marks of the glass?

There are two main reasons why water fed pole window cleaning can leave small white marks on the glass.  The first and main reason is to do with the way that the window cleaner does the job.  We always work side to side in a downwards direction.  This way all particles move down the glass pre rinse.  Window cleaners why work up and down without rinsing will invariably leave water marks. Secondly we always rinse the window with the brush off the glass.  The window cleaner can actually see the particles moving down the glass as he/she rinses.  If any dirt has been missed then it will clearly show up at the rinse stage.  The other reason that window cleaners using the water fed pole window cleaning system leave white drying marks is that they don't check the quality of the water.  We use a TDS metre every day to check the quality and change filters as soon as out TDS reading goes beyond four parts per million.


Other advantages of the water fed pole system

The water fed pole window cleaning system can be used for window cleaning but also makes easy work of gutter fascia and sofit cleaning.


We always agree ALL prices with you prior to the completion of work, so if you would like a quote of window cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning or gutter fascias and soffits cleaning then please call us on 0800 211 8069


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