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There are three main techniques employes by window cleaners.


1) The Old Fashioned Way.  The old method of window cleaning is using leathers and scrim.  We call this the ‘three rag roll’.  There is still room for this method today and one that Gemini Contract Cleaning occasionally use.


2)The Lambs Wool and Blade.  This is the way that most of us are used to and the way that most people associate with window cleaning.  Most people have at some time purchased a rubber blade and have had a go at swirling soap suds round a window!


3)The Water Fed Pole System. The water fed pole system is the newest method of cleaning windows.  It uses filtered water and an extendable pole with a brush on the end.  The water is pumped up the inside of the pole and out of the brush head.  The brush and filtered water work in combination to clean and rinse the window.  The window is then left to dry.  Unlike using tap water that would leave behind drying marks, the filtered water dries clear!  Some people don’t like this method as they have had bad experience with window cleaners that don’t use the system properly or don’t change their filters resulting in drying marks, however if the system is used correctly then it will give better results than any other method particularly of leaded windows that can be very hard to clean by other methods, this is why it is not the number one choice for most window cleaners.

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Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaners

If you are in the Wolverhampton, Dudley or Stourbridge area and are looking for window cleaners to clean your home or work place then we could be the window cleaners that you are looking for.  Dirty Marks Cleaning services are expert window cleaners and offer both traditional and water fed pole window cleaning.  There are many window cleaners across Wolverhampton, Dudley and Stourbridge, however, Dirty Marks Cleaning Services and one of the few that offer a professional service to both domestic and commercial customers.  Window Cleaning Safety is just as important as the quality of the clean, so we offer a full risk assessed service and provide a copy of our public liability insurance here on our website.

Window Cleaners in Wolverhampton, Dudley and Stourbridge

Dirty Marks Cleaning Services are window cleaners for Wolverhampton, Dudley and Stourbridge.  If you would like to see a full list of areas covered please click on the areas below.

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