Commercial Window Cleaning Wolverhampton and Dudley

We provide commercial window cleaning to a range of businesses and shops in the Wolverhampton and Dudley

It is always important to choose a window cleaning business that is well insured, whatever the application.

However with commercial window cleaning it is even more important, not just to get a window cleaning company that is insured but one that has the correct level of cover.  In addition to this the window cleaning application should be risk assessed by a qualified person so that the insurance is valid.

Should you use a commercial window cleaning business that is not insured and an incident happened then the injured member of the public is entitled to claim against the insurance of the business being cleaned.

This can result in increased premiums and potential bad press and PR.  Dirty Marks Cleaning services are the clear choice of window cleaners for commercial window cleaning in the West Midlands with many years experience and many happy clients.

Cladding Cleaning Wolverhampton & Dudley

As well as commercial window cleaning we provide cladding cleaning.  Many businesses have modern cladding and cleaning the cladding is essential to keep the cladding in a condition that will last.

Many businesses are rented and landlords can insist on cladding cleaning being performed by a professional cladding cleaning company. The cladding is cleaned with our water fed pole system in much the same way as we clean the windows.

The results can be very impressive and keeping the cladding clean is not just a requirement of the landlord, but also improves the impression of the business should members of the public visit your premises.  Also cladding cleaning is essential maintenance of you own the building as cladding cleaning can make the cladding last longer as it can be very expensive to replace.

If you would like a quote on commercial window cleaning or factory unit cladding cleaning then please get in touch via our contact page.

Shop Window Cleaning in Wolverhampton & Dudley Area

Dirty Marks Cleaning Services provides shop window cleaning in Birmingham and is operated by Mark Barlow.  Mark is the window cleaner for areas such as Birmingham City Centre, Erdington,Smethwick, Oldbury, Edgbaston, Moseley and Harbourne.

Marks window cleaning is done externally using the water fed pole system, but he is also competent in traditional window cleaning for inside window cleaning. Mark also conducts conservatory roof cleaning in addition to gutter and fascia cleaning.