Gutter Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

We are often asked if soffit cleaning is included as part of an external gutter clean.

At Dirty Marks Cleaning Services we have been gutter cleaning in Dudley since 2008.  We first do a gutter clear using our gutter vac system.  We then clean all of the external PVC including the gutter cleaning, soffit cleaning and fascia cleaning.

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What is Fascia cleaning and soffit cleaning?

The Fascias are the PVC boards behind the gutter (The part that the gutter brackets are fixed to)  The Soffits are the bit underneath that often look like white PVC tong and groove.

We do soffit cleaning, fascia cleaning, gutters and bracket all using the same water fed pole that we use for cleaning windows using the following steps.

1. Gutter Cleaning

First we wet the guttering along the whole length with a trickle of water.  We then work along the front face of the gutter along the entire length and then work back in the opposite direction cleaning the under side of the gutter.

2. Gutter Brackets Cleaned

To clean the brackets that hold the gutter in place means that we have to work from left to right cleaning inside the groove in the bracket and then work back from right to left cleaning the groves on the other side.

3. Fascia cleaning

We then use the brush to get up behind the gutter and Clean the facias.  This requires lots of rinsing, but only with a trickle of water.

4. Soffit Cleaning

Again using the brush it is finally time to clean the soffits.  The soffits are usually only about a foot wide, however under canopies over front doors and sometimes over bay windows the soffits can be quite wide.

We have even cleaned large areas of PVC soffits on the underneath of car ports.

How do we remove mould from Soffits and Fascias?

The power of soaking the PVC with even just a trickle of water then using the specially designed brush on our carbon fibre poles achieves fantastic results.  No need for a powerful jet wash to remove mould.

How much does soffit cleaning cost?

This may depend on where you are located as many things cost more in London than in other areas of the country.  

It will also depend on the height of the gutter, fascia and soffit to be cleaned. 

Some cleaning companies offer just the inside of the gutter to be cleared out, whilst others provide a full in and out service.

At Dirty Marks Cleaning Services we quote gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning by the meter.  Please request a quote for current prices.

Will the soffits and fascias come up like new?

Many people say that when they have their gutters, fascias and soffits cleaned, that they look brand new.  We can never promise this be we will always try our hardest to achieve the best results possible.

What about wood fascia and soffit cleaning?

We are able to clean wood / timber fascias and soffits. This will largely depend on the quality of the paint work.

Do you clean soffits and fascias if they are not white?

Many buildings now have brown, grey, black or other coloured fascias and soffits.  Results always look great in white. But remember. If you are clearing the debris out of the gutter then, how they look is only part of an essential maintenance program.

How high can you clean soffits and fascias?

We are able to clean the ground, first and second floor.  Anything higher results in a loss of quality using the water fed pole method.

How often should your gutter fascias and soffits be cleaned?

How often you should clean your gutters fascias and soffits depends on many variables.  The best way to estimate how long should be left in between each clean is to tell your cleaner how long ago your gutters fascias and soffits were last cleaned and they should be able to estimate how often you would need our services.