Gutter Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Prices

If you’re reading this article, then you’ll probably looking for gutter soffit and fascia cleaning prices. Read on, because in this article, I will explain the difference between the price, versus the cost of not getting the work done. I will explain how we quote and factors affecting the price. We will also look at doing the work yourself ‘the DIY option’ and its implications.

Price of gutter, soffit and fascia cleaning v cost

If you’ve ever worked in a sales environment, then you must’ve heard the concept of price versus cost. This basically means the price of getting the work done versus the cost of not getting the work done and the potential costs of damage, etc..

Price versus cost is often an illustration of a false economy in not paying to get the work done and ultimately ending up with a big bill.

How we arrive at a Price for Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Cleaning

We have a very strict formula for working out gutter soffit and facia cleaning prices. By using a formula to work out the price we can very quickly arrive at a fair price for the work

Fairness in quoting

The formula that we use to quote for gutter, soffit and facia cleaning is worked out on a per meter basis. This means that the prices that we give is fair and consistent with what everybody else that uses our service will be paying.

This also means that you would be easily able to calculate the price of cleaning your gutters, fascias and soffits yourself.

I’m some areas of the UK the price may also differ by area. In London you would expect to pay more and in the north slightly less. But like in any economy, it usually boils down to supply and demand.

We also break the price down into two areas

  • The price for clearing out the gutter.
  • The price for cleaning the outside of the gutter, soffit and facia.

Other factors affecting gutter, soffit and fascia cleaning prices.

Occasionally, if the gutter, soffit and facia that needs cleaning is in a particularly bad condition then professional companies may opt to charge by the hour if results may be unpredictable. If this is the case, then they should advise you of this at the time of quoting.

Diy v Professional

There are a number of considerations in deciding whether doing the work yourself will work out cheaper than employing a professional

  • How much your time is worth?
  • If you already have the correct equipment or need to purchase equipment
  • If you are confident, carrying out the work yourself
  • Safety concerns with diy

Because gutters soffit and facia cleaning is a task carried out at height then this should also be considered when comparing the price of doing the work yourself versus getting a professional to do the work.

Should you have an accident whilst cleaning your gutters this may mean that you lose time from your employment, and that could cost for more than the price offered by a professional cleaner.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my gutters, soffits and fascias.

We would not recommend the use of a high-pressure jet wash to clean gutters soffits and fascias. It could damage the surface of the UPVC but also be dangerous especially if used on a ladder. If you use a jet wash from ground level then it is likely to be ineffective.


Should damage occur whilst cleaning for example, hitting your car with a ladder when doing the work yourself this would mean a claim on your own house insurance. If you employ the services of a professional and they cause damage whilst cleaning then they may be liable for that.

Additional Cleaning Services and Their Impact On Price

When cleaning your gutters faces and soffits, you may like to employ the professional to carry out other areas of work such as Window Cleaning. You may find that by taking more services, you can take advantage of multi-buy offers and ultimately save money.

Price for cleaning UPVC window frames, door frames and doors

Most window cleaning companies will include the cleaning of UPVC window frames, door frames and UPVC or compost doors as part of a window clean. This means that the price that you pay for window cleaning will include frames and doors. A window clean price will not usually include the roof of a conservatory or the lantern on an orangery or flat roof extension.

Conclusion On Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Cleaning Prices

In conclusion, gutter, soffit, and facia cleaning prices may be more economical than doing the work yourself. If you use a professional company, such as dirty marks cleaning Services, that you will be offered a fair, consistent price that reflects the work should be carried out. You may also find that at certain times you will be able to take advantage of offers and packages.

Contact Dirty Marks Cleaning Services via the full on gutter cleaning page for an accurate price.