How We Clean Your Gutters

There are two main types of gutter cleaning that achieves the most detailed gutter clean available.

  • Gutter clear out (Debris Removal)
  • Fascia and
  • soffit cleaning (Cosmetic Detail Cleaning)

How we clean your gutters for Debris Removal

When completing a gutter clear we remove all of the leaves, miss and sludge from the gutters.

We often find that there are even weeds growing in the gutters and sometimes even grass and Birds nests!

debris removal during gutter clean

Removing Turf growing in Gutters

We remove all of this with our gutter vac system from ground level, sucking everything out of the gutters.  We will even call you outside too see what we have collected in our large wet and dry vacuum if you like?

Once we have removed the debris, we change the vac onto blow and blow air through the down pipe to check that the down pipe is clear and functional.

How We Clean Your Gutters cosmetically (fascias,soffits brackets etc)

The second part of the clean is the PVC soffit clean and fascia Clean.

We actually clean the length of gutter in a 9 step process.

  1. We first we the whole length of guttering to soften up the dirt.
  2. Next we work from left to right cleaning the face of the gutter.
  3. We then work from right to left cleaning the under side of the gutter.
  4. Next we work back from left to right cleaning inside of the left hand side of each and every bracket.
  5. Then we work from right to left cleaning the inside the right hand side of every bracket.
  6. Next we move onto the fascia cleaning top as far as we can behind the guttering
  7. Finally we scrub all of the soffits.
  8. We then rinse all of the gutter, fascia and soffit.
  9. Lastly we brush the entire length dry to remove and water drips.

The final step if to show the results to the client to check that they are happy with the clean.

The price for gutter cleaning is charged per meter. If you would like the current per meter fee then please contact us.