Gutter Cleaning Dudley

Dear homeowner

Do you have one of the following problems?

  1. Blocked Gutters?
  2. Dirty Fascias & Soffits?

Don’t worry, I can help.


  • Blocked gutters – In the UK our weather is getting wetter, rain is heavier and storms more frequent. Blocked gutters could potentially cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage. This will not usually be covered by your home insurance as the insurance company may say that it was due to lack of maintenance.
  • Dirty fascias and soffits – If you regularly clean PVC gutters fascias and soffits they will last longer. With replacement cost running into thousands for even average size homes, it is more economical to maintain the gutters, fascias and soffits around your home.

How I work…

  1. Click on the link on this page to start
  2. Book an appointment on my calendar
  3. I visit you to complete the booking
  4. I clean your gutter
  5. I show you a video of the inside of your gutter so you can check my work.
  6. You pay the balance (minus the deposit).


Based on 50 reviews
Tim Emblem
Tim Emblem
on time and good job done
Carol Ann Power
Carol Ann Power
We had our gutters, soffits and fascia’s cleaned by Mark. From enquiry to booking it was super efficient and a very friendly service. There were no hidden surprises and a really top job was done. Thanks again!
Shin Minhas
Shin Minhas
Superb service from DMCS, quick and easy from quote to job completion. Would defo use again honest guy not many left in any trade.👌🏼
Helen Hare
Helen Hare
Mark came on time to give me a quote a week or so ago..Today Mark did a thorough job of cleaning gutters fascias and soffits.He kept me informed of what he was doing .I was shown the work by camera to show it had been done. Mark tidied up a few extras for me. I now need sunglasses the white is so white.😎
Excellent service from Mark and his team from the moment I rang him for a quote to when the job was finished. We had our gutters vacuumed and cleaned inside and out, including fascias, cladding clean and conservatory roof cleaned. The finished result is fantastic. They all now look brand new. They went above and beyond to make sure we knew what we were getting during the quote and the prices are very good and fair. Mark even did a video of the gutters once finished to show us the results. Would definitely recommend! Thanks Mark!
Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones
Absolutely amazing . Very professional and friendly.. I’d definitely use again and recommend to anyone … Top marks.
Laura S
Laura S
Reliable ans friendly service, would highly recommend
Jenny Houston
Jenny Houston
Fantastic service! Highly recommend, easy to contact and reliable. Very happy with the job thank you 😊
Graham Sherwood
Graham Sherwood
Professional and friendly service. Windows cleaned brilliantly.
richard jenkins
richard jenkins
Excellent service and very professional. When we arranged the original clean the weather was against us but mark kept us informed and rebooked when the elements were alot better. Facias look brand new and he offered a discount for the windows to be cleaned at the same time. We will definitely use mark again. Thanks 💙


Questions about Gutter Cleaning

How do you clean my gutters?

I use a SkyVac system. This is a large vacuum cleaner. I stay on the ground and hold a long pipe made from very light carbon fibre.  At the top of the poles I use a series of special tools to remove the debris from your gutter. There are generally no ladders used.


How do I know that my gutters are clean when you have completed the work?

Once the work is finished, I use a camera system to video the inside of the gutters to show you. I will also point out anything else to note like slipped tiles that may bridge the gutters. I don’t recommend and roofing companies or do roof repairs myself so this is a completely independent inspection. 


Is there anything that you are not able to remove from the gutters?

I can usually remove most blockages, however very large weeds of two or three feet heigh or small trees of a similar size or larger often have roots that grow into the loft space. If this is the case then I will still charge the quoted price for attempting to remove the item, for the video inspection that follows and for my advice. 


What happens to the sludge that you remove from the gutter?

That is yours to keep! If I took the removed sludge away then I would need a waste carriers license. This would increase the fee that we would have to charge. I will always ask where you want the machine emptied. I may use the council green waste bin but other request that I use their compost heap. 


Questions about Fascia Cleaning


How do you clean my PVC gutters and fascias?

This is done using our reach and wash system often called water fed pole. I stay at ground level and the water is pumped from my van up to the top of the pole. The brush is a two level brush with soft bristles of the outside and harder bristles on the inside. The water only comes out as a trickle not at high pressure like a pressure washer. 

I first clean the gutter, then I clean each and every bracket then the fascia and finally the soffit.


I have a conservatory / extension / veranda. Can you reach over it?

Most of the time yes. I may need to use a small step ladder. I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t clean a gutter due to an extension, conservatory or veranda. I will discuss my method with you before you book. I will not however climb or work from anywhere dangerous. 


Will you be able to get all marks off my fascia?

I can remove most marks from your gutters and fascias. If I am unsure then I will clean a small section (test clean) free of charge so that you can make an informed decision based on the results. 


Do you clean fascias on the gable end?

Yes, for those unfamiliar with what a gable end is, it’s the triangular upper part of the wall at the end of the roof. 


General questions


How long have you been trading?

We have been trading as a limited company from our current address in Dudley for just over 15 years. You can read more in the about us section of this website.


Are you fully insured?

Yes. My insurance policy covers third parties up to 2 million pounds.


What do your clients think of your work?

You can read our client reviews at the bottom on this page.


Do you work weekends?

No. We will need to make a booking Monday to Friday. 


Can I make you a drink whilst you are working?

Yes, tea or coffee would be lovely particularly if accompanied by a chocolate chip cookie or shortbread thank you! 


Time to arrange you Gutter Clean


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