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Why Choose Dirty Marks Cleaning Services for Gutter Cleaning in Dudley

According to our reviews from real Dudley residents, we are said, by others to provide an exceptional gutter cleaning and a fantastic service. 

It’s lovely to hear from our happy clients. (see reviews at the bottom on this page)

How long have we been cleaning gutters in Dudley

We have been providing gutter cleaning in Dudley since 2008. 

We have, over the years revised our methods and kept up to date with the latest equipment to provide fantastic gutter cleaning results for the people of Dudley.

What areas do we gutter clean in dudley

We clean gutters in The following areas of Dudley

Netherton, Dudley Town Centre, Tividale, Rowley Regis, Cradley Heath, The Priory, Wrens Nest, Russells Hall, Gornal, Milking Bank, Upper Gornal, Sedgley, Tipton, Kingswinford, Pensnett, Wall Heath, Brierley Hill, Quarry Bank, Saltwells and all other DY post Codes.

How much is gutter cleaning 

There are two main types of gutter cleaning.

With a gutter clear out we do just that. We remove all of the leaves, miss and sludge from the gutters. We often find that there are even weeds growing in the gutters and sometimes even grass.

We remove all of this with our gutter vac system from ground level, sucking everything out of the gutters.  We will even show you everything that we have collected in our large wet and dry vacuum.

Once we have removed the debris, we change the vac onto blow and blow air through the down pipe to check that the down pipe is clear and functional.

The second part of the clean is the PVC fascia and soffit clean.

Here we clean the outside of the gutter, the brackets that hold the gutter in place, the fascia board and the soffits underneath.

The price for gutter cleaning is charged per meter. If you would like the current per meter fee then please contact us.

What is the job of a gutter?

The job of the gutter is to take away rain water that falls on the roof.

It can be surprising how much water can accumulate over even a modish sized roof.

The water collects in the guttering and flows to the down pipe. 

The water is then drained away.

Why get your gutters cleared out?

There are many benefits of getting your gutters cleared out.

Some of the worst and most expensive home insurance claims are caused by water damage.  This can run into millions of pounds per year.

But the bad news is..

Most insurance companies won’t pay out for water damage caused by poorly maintained guttering.

What can happen if your gutter gets blocked?

If your gutter becomes blocked then the water still has to escape somewhere.  The water often over flows to one of two places:

  1. The water can overflow to the outside of the gutter.  Constant dripping onto the ground below means that over time a damp patch can appear on the wall below the blockage.
  1. The water can overflow to the inside of the gutter.   The water will run down the inside of the wall in the upstairs rooms and cause lots of damage.

The answer is to get the gutters regularly cleaned out to prevent damage.

what else could happen to a poorly maintained gutter

Another problem that can result in a poorly maintained gutter is leaks at the joints.  If weeds or grass grow close to the joints in the guttering, then the routs can force their way through the joints causing the rubbers in the joints to corrode and leaks to occurs.

This will inevitably cause damp on the wall below where the escaped water had blown and splashed against the wall.

Why clean the outside of the gutter?

Gutter Cleaning in Dudley outside of gutters

Cleaning the outside of the gutter is mostly for cosmetic purposes.  If you clean the outside of the gutters (particularly white PVC) gutters regularly it will extend the appearance of the gutter by many years.

Clients are often shocked at the replacement cost of guttering and call us to get them cleaned instead.

Unfortunately for some it’s too late to achieve the level of results that they would have achieved if they had kept on to of the cleaning.

Cleaning Gutters in Dudley Terraced Properties

In Dudley, there are very many terraced properties.  Cleaning the gutters on this type of property may require you to get together with some of your neighbours.

If not all want the gutters cleaned then debris from your neighbour could flow into your guttering from theirs. We can sometimes do from the last down pipe to the next down pipe if not all residents want to get involved in sharing the cost of cleaning the gutters.

For the outside of the gutters this is clearly not an issue.

Gutter cleaning Dudley commercial premises

We can also clean gutters in Dudley commercial premises.  Again we will only clean up to the height that we would for domestic premises (ground, first and second floor) using out methods.

Is you have commercial premises with gutters that need cleaning in Dudley then please get in touch.

Gutter cleaning Dudley landlords

Often Tenants of let properties will only inform their landlords when it is too late and the damage has already been caused. 

We clean gutter in many Dudley rental properties.  This will reduce the chances of damage and also serves to show residents of your commitment as a landlord to properly maintaining your property.

Please contact us for Gutter Cleaning in the Dudley area.

You can get in touch for gutter cleaning in Dudley via the contact form on this website.


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