Window Cleaning Dudley & Stourbridge

Window Cleaning Dudley, Be Proud Of Your Exceptionally Clean Home

Get window cleaning in Dudley & Stourbridge to reach for ‘Show Home Standards’ with invisibly clean glass, clinical frames and immaculately clean gutters.

All achieved using our medical grade pure water reach and wash system.

All with the reassurance and security of one of the Midlands leading and longest established window and gutter cleaners.

Backed by industry leading insurance and best in class client reviews.

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Window Cleaning Dudley, Stourbridge and surrounding areas since 2008

Dirty Marks Cleaning Services have been providing windows, fascia and gutter cleaning in Dudley, Stourbridge including Netherton, Brierley Hill, Wollaston Pedmore, Kingswinford and Wall Heath since 2008.  If you would like to read our history and inception then you may like to read our about us page.

Window cleaning Dudley and Surrounding Areas

Window Cleaner Halesowen

We have been providing window cleaning and gutter cleaning in Dudley for 13 Years.  Providing residential domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning to the Dudley residence since 2008.


Window Cleaner Stourbridge

window Cleaning in StourbridgeIf you are looking for a window cleaner Stourbridge area, then look no further. We have been window cleaning in Dudley and Stourbridge for 13 years.  We Provide both residential and commercial clients a fully insured elite window cleaning service, washing windows with our reach and wash water fed pole system.  We can also offer inside traditional window cleaning to clients on request.

Window Cleaner Stourbridge Area since 2008

I am no stranger to the Stourbridge area.  Infact if you read our about us page you will see that prior to setting up Dirty Marks Cleaning Services prior to 2008 when I was a Police Officer based first at Lye Police station and then at Stourbridge Police Station.  At the time I lived in Kinver and actually started window cleaner in Kinver.

We were one of the first window cleaner Stourbridge area to use the reach and wash, water fed pole window cleaning system and to offer contact details and full insurance.


Window Cleaner Stourbridge for the following areas

Stourbridge Town Centre, Penfields, Amblecote, Wordsley, Wollaston, Stourton, Kinver, Norton, The Old Quarter, Pedmore, Wollescote and Lye.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a window you can’t reach?

Professional window cleaners use a water fed pole.  This is a light weight (often Carbon Fiber pole) that is fed with deionised water from the window cleaners vehicle via an electronic pump.  This means that the window cleaner can clean windows at height, over conservatories and extensions without getting onto the roof and prevents the possibility of causing damage.

What is the best thing to clean windows?

If you are looking for a DIY solution then I reccomend washing up liquid and paper towel or kitchen towel. In the old days they use news paper but it’s all about using something dry and with paper you know if if is wet! 

How much does it cost to clean all windows in a house?

Most window cleaners charge more for the first clean and then offer a discount.  Our minimum fee is £15.00 as we have to go through the same process of driving to the location, setting up the hoses, packing away hoses and collecting the payment what ever the size of home.

Is it worth getting your windows cleaned?

It is definitely worth getting your windows cleaned on regular basis for the following reasons:

  1. A better view out of the windows
  2. Reduce the amount of insects and spiders living around edge of the glass and frame
  3. Increase the appearance of your home from outside
  4. Attack marks on the frame as soon as they appear to make the window last longer

Window cleaning subscription

One you instruct a window cleaning company to clean your windows once a month, we will do everything we can to make each visit go as smoothly as possible. As with a subscription this may mean taking automatic payments if you would like us to and automated notification to let you know when we will be coming. 

Do you clean windows in the rain?

Yes we do. The water we use is in fact very similar to rain water. See this video on you tube –  cleaning windows in the rain.





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