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Live in the Dudley borough? Finally a window cleaning gutter & fascia cleaning service you can rely on.

When a task like window cleaning or gutter cleaning is in need of attention, there is nothing as stressful as not being able to either do the job yourself.  


worse still, you don’t seem to be able to pay anyone else to do it either. 

Why do you have to contact so many window cleaners before one will get back to you?

I know several other window cleaners in Dudley, and all of them are completely overwhelmed by the shear number of enquiries.

Seems that the whole of Dudley need window cleaning, gutter and fascia cleaning and gutter vac services.

I am often told that…

Window Cleaners in Dudley

  • Don’t answer your call,
  • Don’t call you back,
  • Don’t want to come out to quote,

It’s like they don’t want your business.

In many trades, it seems that the tables have turned, and it feels very much like a sellers market.

If you are like me, then you are too busy to keep chasing people and if we’re honest, when you are parting with your hard earned cash, you want to feel more valued. 

So how is our service any different?

I have been in the trade for almost 14 years.  I clean everything myself. I have no window cleaning mate. And I like to do a fantastic job.

But I can only do so many per day. 

Window cleaning is very physically demanding. It’s like going to the gym for six or seven hours per day.

The way that I govern the flow of clients is to weed out the difficult ones that waste my time.

If this is you then please don’t contact me…

  • People who don’t keep to arrangements,
  • People who don’t reply to my messages or answer my calls,
  • People who don’t want to pay my cleaning fees,


If you agree to communicate with me as I will with you,


If you can ensure that I can get access to clean as regularly as we agree


if you are happy for my financial reward to reflect the massive effort I make to clean your home and the commitment I show to my family of clients the please COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW.


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