Gutter Cleaning Kidderminster – Includes Gutter clearance fascia and soffit cleaning.

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Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Kidderminster.


So you have decided it’s time to finally get your gutter cleaned. 


What we offer

We offer two main services:

  • Gutter Fascia and Soffit Cleaning 
  • Debris Removal

If you get both done at the same time we offer a discount of just over 15%!


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How do we clean your gutters fascias and soffits?

We use a soft brush and a steady flow of water to clean your gutters, the bracket that holds the gutter in place, the fascia board that the gutter is attached to and soffits (the slatted bit underneath)

How do we remove debris from your gutter?

We use a large vacuum cleaner with a large hose and a wand that reaches from the ground all the way up to the gutters. The gutter vac can reach up to three stories.

When completing a gutter clear we remove all of the leaves, miss and sludge from the gutters.

We often find that there are even weeds growing in the gutters and sometimes even grass and Birds nests!

We remove all of this with our gutter vac system called Skyvac, from ground level, sucking everything out of the gutters.

We will even call you outside to see what we have collected in our large wet and dry vacuum if you like?

Once we have removed the debris, we change the vac onto blow and blow air through the down pipe to check that the down pipe is clear and functional.

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Gutter Cleaning Kidderminster – Why Choose us.

Gutter cleaning is best done by professionals.

Using a professional, such as Dirty Marks Cleaning Services, allows homeowners in the Kidderminster area to save themselves a lot of time and effort with the reassurance that the gutter clean will be done to a high standard and safely.

 Guttering can be difficult for people to reach so attempting to clean it without training and equipment could lead to injury.

How long have we been gutter cleaning in Kidderminster?

We have been Gutter cleaning in the kidderminster area since 2008.

We have changed our methods and packages over the years and we now believe that we provide the best value gutter cleaning packages in the Kidderminster area.

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What areas do we Gutter clean in Kidderminster?


Gutter cleaning Kidderminster available in the following areas:

  • Aggborough
  • Kidderminster Town Centre
  • Broadwaters, Habberley
  • Low Habberley
  • Larkhill, Franch
  • Spennells
  • Wolverley
  • Bewdley
  • and many Other areas of Kidderminster.
  • Gutter Cleaning Dudley

How much is gutter cleaning in The Kidderminster Area

Guttering can get clogged with debris, preventing it from doing its job properly. 

Gutter cleaning ensures that rainwater is channeled away from a building’s foundation and also away from its walls. 

Gutter cleaning isn’t something that most people should attempt if they want the job to be done without damage.

The price of gutter cleaning would always represent value verses the cost of damage from poorly maintained gutters.

For an exact quote please contact Dirty Marks Cleaning. We charge per meter so is is very easy for you to work out the price based on the length of the gutter that you want cleaned. Please contact us for our up to date per meter fee.